BlacMéra is a couture brand founded by Yuliana Candra, with a vision to bring the femininity and the romanticism of the old world’s beauty to the modern, strong, and powerful women. With the evolving role of women in the 21st century, they need to stand tall more than ever at the center stage and capture the spotlight. Every woman deserves that luxurious and dreamlike masterpiece that gives her the distinguished exquisite feel, and as she stands tall, she knows she owns “it”. The lavish and alluring signature pieces are cut-to-the-curve to accentuate the silhouette of the feminine line and to bring out the sensuality.
To attain such an effortless elegance with international appeal, her inspiration is drawn from the heritage of world cultures and transforms the rich nuances into contemporary high fashion through detail craftsmanship and the finest textiles. Her understanding of grace and beauty from a seasoned exploration around the world is expressed meticulously through the beading, hand embroidery, crystal work, and intricate embellishments on the pieces.
The beauty of photographs from her private collection as a seasoned world traveler is transferred by skilled artisans to hand paintings and digital prints on fabrics, which can be found on the tunic and house collections. Her daring and passionate affair with colors is borderline dangerous, but as she puts it, “For centuries colors have played the significant role as symbolism to express various human emotions. Why stop cultivating the tradition now?”
Yuliana's passion for world's culture inspired her commitment in the research and revival of various dying arts and crafts, collaborating with artisans around the world.
BlacMéra’s collections are glamorous and sophisticated, yet unique and bold with historical opulence and personalized characters.